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Are you ready for a new ATV that is engineered and manufactured right here in the USA, that never uses any gas or oil, has more power than any other comparable ATV out there, runs almost completely silent, is lightweight but nimble, and best of all, refuels by plugging into a wall socket? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then stand by, your dreams are about to come true!

Introducing the all new, 100% electric, PATHFINDER ATV, soon to be arriving in a neighborhood near you. To all who love pure excitement, check back at this site or send us your contact info so we can keep you up-to-date on when you can see one in person. 

clean - powerful - fun


The electric drivetrain is making in-roads into all the traditional modes of vehicle applications to include off-road vehicles.  The world of off-road is completely different in many obvious ways, terrain being the most prominent. Electric vehicles (EV's) are starting to dominate in street applications, proving their superiority to internal combustion engines (ICE's) in many ways.  The types of vehicles are mostly cars and trucks, as well as commercial work-horse type vehicles like tractor trucks and delivery vans.  And why not?  It's been the motive of choice for quite a long time in the age old locomotive, the work-horse of all work-horses.

Traditionally, off road is ruled by ICE drive trains in the main categories of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's or "four-wheelers") Side-by-Sides (vehicles that can ride two or more passengers), and motorcycles (dual-sport, trail, motocross, etc.).  There is a growing presence of electric drive applications in 2 of these areas... motorcycles and side-by-side's, but surprisingly, very little presence in the ATV category.  

Many "gas-heads" make the proclamation that ICE drive trains will never be replaced or even beaten in off-road applications.  That, to me, is a giant assumption that is based on past EV technology (old) and what everybody supposedly prefers according to gas-heads.  "I need that noise... I love the fumes" is what I've heard them say.  Fumes and noise may be something that tickles someone's fancy, but has little to do with actual performance and true enjoyment of the ride.

The tide is turning... As EV's become more available and get into the hands of off-road enthusiasts, the perception will, and indeed is, changing.  I have personally experienced the beauty of electric drive, off-road technology, in the forms of both ATV's and motorcycles.  Here's 5 reasons why I think electric drive will evidentially dominate the off-road.  


If you're riding on extreme terrain (hills, deep sand, situations that require very slow movement to navigate through, etc.), operating an ICE vehicle can be very challenging, especially if you're clutching gears, trying to stay alive on a steep embankment or going through a muddy creek.  This is where an electric motor excels tremendously.  The torque is always there, does not stall out or choke down, and does not require finding the gear you need to get you out of your predicament.  Just twist the throttle as needed, focus on navigating and work your way out of that "hairy" situation.  This is a beautiful thing!  I know because I've been there.


This reason goes along with with reason #1.  Most electric drivetrain applications are designed with NO clutch or transmission.  Since electric motors produce all of their torque throughout a wide RPM range, there is no need to have a transmission to shift through to reach maximum power.  This means less to focus on while riding or navigating tricky areas, freeing up your mind to focus on the experience of the ride and feel a little safer while doing so.  It's also pretty nice when you're drag racing someone on an ICE machine.  Just twist and you're gone!  You can take a peek over to see your opponent trying to time the gear shift perfectly, just to keep up.  Fun stuff!


I almost put this reason as number one because this is just BIG.  I have been an avid off-road rider for 37 years.  I have no idea how much money I've spent in operating costs over all these years.  The number would probably be pretty scary.  I've owned both an electric motorcycle and an electric ATV for four years now.  Want to know what I've spent in operating costs (gas, oil, plugs, filters, tune-ups, etc.)?  ZERO!  That's right... nothing.  The only thing I've done even for maintenance is top off the tire pressure on the ATV.  It has a gearbox instead of a chain.  The motorcycle requires a little chain maintenance, but that's it!  I simply plug them in to an electrical outlet and walk away.  I have never noticed any variation in my electric bill.  I've heard the analogy of it being like leaving a light on overnight, as far how much juice it takes to charge one of them.  Can you imagine riding and never having to buy gas, oil, plugs, filters, or mess with a tune-up or oil change ever again?  I do!  I love it!  If you do some simple math, you will quickly see just how much money this can save!


With the world getting more and more populated, areas to ride is becoming less and less available.  This means that riding areas can be too close to neighborhoods, other people's houses, or protected areas.  With the introduction of electric drive off-road vehicles, the opportunities to ride could potentially be expanded instead of diminished.  There's no reason for them to be turned away!  They make no noise, emit no fumes or sparks from mufflers, and have no toxic fluids inside them.  This keeps pristine areas pristine, and neighbors happy, because they will never hear them or smell them.  It may even open up a whole new category of opportunity for riding tracks (possibly indoor) positioned right in the middle of city limits, allowing for people that would never have an opportunity to ride to not only have a place to ride, but have a machine that costs less to operate and is easier to learn on with no compromise on FUN! 


This reason will likely be easy to debate because each person has their own perception of what is fun.  If you've been on a ICE machine for a long time, it's likely so because you love your machine and this is all you've ever known.  What I'm suggesting here is, until you actually ride an electric drive machine, you don't know what you're missing.  I've seen a lot of people jump on my electric motorcycle or my ATV, take it for test ride, come back and say... "WOW!!!  That was freakin' awesome!"  I've never heard anyone say they didn't like it.  Even the big "gas-heads" say... "It was different, but pretty fun anyway".  Personally, I think the quiet operation and instant torque provide a better riding experience in several ways.  One is, you can hear things.  You can hear the wind whistling around you when you get on it.  You can hear nature as you ride deep into a forest trail or along a bustling creek.  You can talk to your buddy as you ride along, without having to stop and shut the machines off.  Second is, SPEED!  The instant torque and no shifting of gears allow for the continuous pull of torque as you accelerate to top speed.  And accelerate they do!  My ATV will accelerate to 35 in just a few seconds (about 3) even though it has old technology (lead acid batteries and a lower HP motor and is a tad heavy at over 800 lbs).  We all want to go fast and this is what an electric motor does best!

I know what some of you are thinking.  Yea, yea, electric motors are great and I know the torque is awesome, but charging batteries is not anywhere close to the same as filling up with gas.  The most common question I hear is "what's the range?" and/or "how long does it take to charge?".  These are good questions, true concerns needing to be addressed.  "Range anxiety", as it has come to be termed, is almost a whole different subject matter, but I will briefly address it here based on what I have personally experienced.  

With the shift to lithium-ion battery chemistry and new controller and charging technology, this is less of an issue than ever before.  In view of the research being poured into these components, the goal of gasoline parity will be reached very soon, if not already.  For instance, my ATV can reach ranges of 35 to 45 miles with a lithium-ion battery and proper controller installed.  This is more than enough ride time for me and probably most riders out there.  If this is not enough, there is a way to switch out battery modules, allowing fresh batteries to be put in quickly, so you can keep on going, just like filling up with gas.  As higher capacity batteries and battery management systems enter the market, this will only get better.  This is happening as we speak!

There you have it... 5 reasons why electric drive will become (if not already) the preferred drive train of the off-road vehicle world.

Happy riding!

tony smith
george naughton